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Was in a car accident yesterday. In the middle of Buttville, Vermont. Seriously, we asked, the population of the town was 2400. And because I was so far away from anyone who cares at all, we were stuck at the police station for like three hours. Not because we were in trouble, but because the entire police department is a group of champions and we had nowhere else to go. After a while, Steph got in contact with a friend, who brought us to her backwater Vermont shack full of dogs, and nothing against this girl or her family because they are champions, too, but I'm allergic to dogs so I was ready to go like as soon as I walked in. We finally found a car rental that would rent me a car, because Enterprise has a giant tree up its ass or something, and I drove a hot car home. So nobody was hurt, and most of the damage to the tank was cosmetic. Hopefully the residents of Buttville know how to fix her. I also thank the world for collision car insurance. Good going there.
Tags: cuntflaps, jesus fucking christ, what?
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