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She has a job and she's at work right now. ^^ Ah, internet. I have missed you so much. I would hug the tower if I thought my cats wouldn't judge me. I know they do. I can see it in their little cat eyes.


One of my rats officially has a tumor. I mean, I kind of knew that the odds were against me and that at least one of them would get one, but it's still kind of sad. She seems alright, though, so I'm not all that worried. It's under her arm so her arm is kind of, well, disappearing. It's cute but sad. I call her my little tumor girl. She doesn't know english so she usually just stares at me. We're cool.

Slow Christmas this year. I should have sent out cards. Next year. Someone remind me.

Okay time for medications.
Tags: jesus fucking christ, my sick, shedevil, very personal

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