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Decided that I really am going to take a crack at making an animated BEAST mood theme. I've been grappling with the idea for literally months now. My BEAST .gif folder is 516 files strong, so I'm sure I have the resources, plus I already have one animated mood theme under my belt, so it's not like I think I can't pull it off. I just. Well. I don't want to put too much or even an equal amount of StripesJunhyung in it and for some reason that makes me feel guilty or something akin to guilt, though I don't really know why. Because if I'm making it for myself, who cares, right? But what if I decide to share it and the worshipers of He-who-sports-a-superbloated-face rise up and, I don't know, fucking crucify me or something? I'm not into that. In fact, I'm not into any form of public punishment or even punishment behind closed doors.

All of these medications do strange things to my head, I think.
Tags: cutenakedlady, jesus fucking christ, my sick, shit i handle
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