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Life, revisited

Small update on life. My mother lost her job due to an ethics technicality that is borderline bullshit, in my opinion. I understand that they have to do what they have to do, but she didn't hurt anyone, and it's not like she thought she was getting away with something wrong. Whatever. They told her they wouldn't get in the way of her collecting unemployment and she was looking to move to another facility, anyway. So bad, but also good. In a way. I don't know.

She's in Vermont right now, spending a few days with my sister. And she'll be leaving to go camping for the weekend after that. Our lives could be worse.

Update on my girls. I ordered them a new cage. It's like three times as big. They are going to be climbing and swinging and quarreling in the middle of the night and waking me up to their hearts' content.

I have so much to do today. Clean the house, call Dr Ervin, call Dr Brow, call Chair City Oil because the bastards never showed up to measure our damn heaters, drive over to Mary's with her Avon and to pick up my mother's flowers, pick up a prescription, call in a prescription, and if I have any time left at all for myself, I'll probably just sit here watching some of the shows and dramas and movies that have backed up all over themselves on my external.

Must. Watch. This. Soon. Because I need to get my Seung Gi on. In the best possible way.

Also, on a BEAST related note, my life is officially complete. I'll see y'all in the afterlife.

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