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My mother was home from work for six days in a row. B| If I had known that was going to happen, I wouldn't have made like a thousand internet-related plans and everyone would be happy. Well, everyone but my mother. She seemed to be having a grand time driving everyone crazy. Even people who weren't even here were like, Jesus fucking Christ get the hell out of there. But did I listen? No. Fucking no. Because I'm an idiot when I'm medicated and I can't convince my brain that there's a difference between left and back when I'm not medicated, so it's a wonder that I can make it out of the house through a door half the fucking time.

Already too medicated to function. Amazing, Liz. Simply amazing.

I have something of a masterful and massive photo update to make, but for now I'll leave y'all with a relatively new picture of my rats in their sweet new mobile cage. They look terrified, but I promise they love it.

Tags: flicks, jesus fucking christ, my sick, shedevil, shit i handle, the gallery, very personal, what?

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