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I lack the words

Driving to Vermont again on Wednesday Thursday. Bringing Steph, her husband and her baby down to stay with us for a week or so. My mother is pumped. I'm kind of pumped, too. But I mean, I have trouble sleeping enough as it is without a newborn in my castle. OH WELL. THIS IS WHAT EXCEDRIN WAS INVENTED FOR I THINK. I DON'T KNOW, I WASN'T THERE, BUT IT SEEMS LIKE A GOOD GUESS.

In other, non-baby news (yes, I know I'm like a day late with this shit):

Chaeyeon and BEAST? Wait, no, that doesn't quite cover the excitement. CHAEYEON AND BEAST!? WHAT GOD DID I PLEASE TO DESERVE THIS IN MY LIFE? PS: BEAST? I'm still willing to fix the Special choreo. You just have to let me.

Also, it turns out that I have 25 BEAST icons in my userpics these days. Oh, LJ. You please me with your crazy userpics limits.
Tags: cutenakedlady, jesus fucking christ, my sick, plus vagina, roll the reel, shedevil, trufax, very personal
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