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Smite Me

I did it. I made a new layout... even though I said I absolutely would NOT... but its so incredibly sexy that you can all forgive me for my horrible lie. Again, made for 1024x768 so if you use something else, just don't look at it... that's why you have your own journal. Overall I'm please with this one ALTHOUGH some of the yellow faded out when I saved it because of the red and because I saved it at only 90% so it wouldn't take a day and a half to load when I wanted to view it on my journal. Still looks hot though. Finally used a translated line from a song I actually adore (because up until now I've only used lines out of convenience aside from the last one which was from Filth and everyone knows Filth is hot).

Oh yeah, my Macabre dvd came today. Watched it. Loved it. Then I sat there and counted how many clips I have from that dvd saved in my computer without knowing they were from that particular dvd. I feel like I have been left out of the loop until today... interesting...
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