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I drove out to Ocean State Job Lot today and after I got a new sketch pad, pencils, and pencil sharpener, me and my mother were in the line to check out and I saw this thing called "Pirate's Booty"... It's some sort of snack thing. I didn't even really look to see what kind of snack food it was... I got it because it's called "Pirate's Booty." The front of the bag is so funny that once I empty it of its booty-licious contents I will scan it for all to see.

Oh yeah, for those of you who I shared my strange Luc singing dream with, I drew that picture of McDohl with muscles, Gremio being girly and Cleo with baboon tits. I'll scan that tomorrow night when my mother is at work because I'm lucky to get on at all when she's here and she's not working until tomorrow night. That's the news.

Oh yeah, I'm still stealing in the birthday spoils. Today I enhanced my gaming with my new ps2 so now I can play all of my pretty ps2 rpgs that have been sitting on my shelf for months unused. MMmmm... Final Fantasy X... Xenosaga... Kingdom Hearts... Dark Cloud 2... and so many more that need not even be mentioned in the godly light of those titles. MMmmm... I'm a happy girl today.
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