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This is basically just a more in-depth version of what I've already written on my twitter, so if you follow me there, oh well. ^^

Bonamana MV. I appreciate this simply because I can now see through the autotune and I know who sings what part. In a group with such a diverse collection of voices, it's really sad when you can't tell Ryeowook from Hyukjae from Eeteuk from Heechul. That is some serious covering up.

Now, because I am still essentially me and this is not something I can just let go, I am raising an eyebrow at the entire hot mess better known as the choreography. They've got it all. And by that I mean they have everything that I would never put in a routine ever, even for money. The dance break had potential until what I like to refer to as 'comical running jazz hands'. Bad move, dance man.

Other fabulous moves to note: Synchronized Snapping, Show Chickens, Stand in Place While Shiwon is Awesome, The Pointing Headbobble, The Sit and Bounce, Semi-synchronized Marching, The Crazy-feet Hunchback, We're Really Iceskaters, and The Let's Put Donghae in the Front Because He's the Only One That Matters.

Seriously, why the hell aren't these companies flying me in to choreograph for them? People, I have ideas. Ideas that aren't this.

Moving away from the choreography, who the hell stole Eeteuk's god damn shirt? At first I was like 'what?' and then I was like 'really, what?'. Of all the members in the group, one of the last that I need to be shirtless is Eeteuk, only after Ryeowook and Shindong. No offense boys, but let's leave getting naked to the professionals.

To conclude, I only have one other fix for this MV: Needs more Kangin and Henry.
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