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Just a few things

In some freak and twisted sort of unfortunate-slash-ironic fated occurrence, I had a bizarre run-in with nasty pizza just now. And this only a few days after my biff went through a like bogus pizza situation. But where she was denied barbecue sauce, I was provided with an abundance of nasty smelling perfume. Perfume pizza. Not cool. Unless somewhere along the way "pepperoni" became synonymous with "perfume", this is so out of line, it's in the fucking ocean or something. I don't know, I'm so angry I can't even be witty. That's just sad.

Next topic. I've been thinking of changing my AIM screen name. The only problem is that I'd had this one for 7+ years. That's also the primary need for a new one. Maybe I'll flip a coin or something.

And now I'll leave you with some Woo Hyuk.

Tags: chotitimes, city of lame, cuntflaps, imagery, s. vaginas, trufax
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