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I Bear Pearls

Here we have to god of all entries. Something for everyone, I say! Read on the realize the beauty.

FIRST: An idiot chatlog to make you laugh.

Svvord HoIder: Hello
Brute Locke: yes?
Svvord HoIder: just wanted to say high
Brute Locke: "hi" you mean?
Svvord HoIder: no high
Svvord HoIder: not hi
Svvord HoIder: ok fine hi
Brute Locke: <.<
Svvord HoIder: so whats new
Brute Locke: same old
Svvord HoIder: same here
Svvord HoIder: hows pot
Brute Locke: I hope you are referring to the anime?
Svvord HoIder: yea
Brute Locke: PoT then
Brute Locke: pot is an illegal drug
Svvord HoIder: Not to me or your mom it aint
Brute Locke: its still illegal regardless of whether you smoke it or not
Svvord HoIder: i know
Svvord HoIder: so hows gaming going
Brute Locke: ...fabulous
Svvord HoIder: really thats cool
Svvord HoIder: hows life
Brute Locke: ...fabulous
Svvord HoIder: yea i bet
Brute Locke: what is there to bet on here?
Svvord HoIder: nothing
Brute Locke: then.... ? god you give me headaches
Svvord HoIder: you have a gret life staying at home allday sleeping eating shiting and going on the comp
Brute Locke: oh man, I'm not even touching the typos in that one
Svvord HoIder: then dont
Brute Locke: you have to learn proper grammar
Svvord HoIder: fuck grammar it will never get me any where
Brute Locke: I'd try to explain but I think it might be beyond you

SECOND: To make up for that, you get this BEAUTIFUL picture of everyone's favorite and THE SEXIEST guitar ever made.

THIRD: A bit of news. I finally downloaded the Saku PV... and you most certainly know what THAT means. Oh yeah. Oodles of icons when I get around to screencapping this bitch. But hey, it'll be worth the wait.

FOURTH: A request. I finally decided it's about time I made a new layout for my LJ. I know I said back a few weeks ago that I wouldn't be making a new layout and I'd only be using ones that I've already made... but I don't know. Ones I have used: Freakshow (B&W Kyo), Firefly's Light (Red Die), State of Shock (Orange Kao), Young Turks (Dark entire group) and the current one Soup (Filmstrip Toshiya). Im wondering if I should use one of the old ones or maybe make a new one and if a new one, what of? Input appreciated. And don't suggest Shinya, it just won't be happening.

I think that should do for now... oh, if anyone who reads this goes to the OFG boards, you should slowly make your way back over there because it's boring but I still feel obligated to visit it. OK THANKS.
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