Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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Guh, Bored

Haven't made any new icons lately... well, I made two but that's not enough. I've been working on this website I like to call "creep" for my icons. I was asking niimura if she'd like her icons there too but she never really gave me an answer. MAYBE she'll see this and tell me what she thinks. I guess the same goes for Shintotchi cause I know she's been playing with the idea. If either of you are interested let me know (even though der me Shin is away right now and probably will never see this). Anyway, I'll finish the site and post a link here I guess.

Yeah, I hate boring entries with no chatlogs, icons, colorbars or other pretty things, too... but sometimes we just have to bear with it.
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