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Birthday Spoils


Ok, so nobody got me up early, that was a plus. But then I got up and went on the computer and all was fun... I even read some decent smutsmut... and then my mother came back from camping last night and was like "Ok, we're going to Rieta Ranch (sp?)" and I was like "Like... outside... in the daylight?" and she was like "Uh... yeah?" and so me, her, and my father drove out to Rieta Ranch and I got this dead sexy pirate ring. I also got the X-Men movie because it was like, $3 or something... and that was awesome. I got this absolutely foxy doll, too... I mean, I need to take a picture of this thing... that's how sexy it was. Oh yeah, my mother picked up Wild America and Mortal Kombat on DVD too so I'll watch those in the next few days... my god how long has it been since the last time I saw Mortal Kombat?! A long fucking time, I tell you. Scorpion is in it... he's always my choice when I play the games so... *cough*... anyway...

Then we went to Walmart cause I told my father I wanted a new travel disc player for my birthday but when we got there I changed my mind and wanted to get a game instead (damn Walmart to HELL with its not so expensive Playstation games). So I was wandering around and looking for a game but they all sucked and I ended up getting the first two Harry Potter movies on DVD because I mean, why not? I had already scored like 6 DVDs so what would it hurt to have more? And hey, at least that's time NOT spent on this contraption, and that could possibly be productive in nature.

And then we went to Kay's for lunch. Oh baby did I pig out. I told them I'd rather go somewhere less expensive cause... I dunno... I like to look out for them that way... but we ended up going anyway. I got a whole clam plate and an ultimate smoothie (god I love that word). It was something with lots of berries... rather yummy... Then my mother was all like "Ok, let's get icecream" and I was like "Uh... no." And when she left to get her own icecream me and my father were making fun of her so bad. We were making fun of her at Rieta Ranch, too cause she stopped at like every table and bought something. And then my mother put half of her meal into one of those carry-out boxes and me and my father demolished out plates cause that's what you do at Kay's... you're not supposed to leave with food... der mom.

Then to the home where my sister Stephanie practically destroyed me when she saw that I had gotten the Harry Potter movies. I know for sure she'll watch them more than I will. Cause I was in Walmart and like "Well, Peter Pan has Jason Isaacs in it... oh wait... so does the second Harry Potter movie..." and that's why I got those... So... overall it was a productive day... But the heat and the car ride kinda gave me a headache and such, but yeah.... YAY FOR PERSONAL ENTRIES.
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