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I slept so god damn good last night. And not because I slept all night, either. Last night was the first time I tried sleeping with my head-consuming headphones on and I woke up twice in the night when the mp3 player froze, and then I got like right up and out of bed this morning without a fight. And I took my cyclobenzaprine this morning and I don't feel tired at all. I think I'll try this again. Though... I may have been singing in my sleep because both times I woke up, I had something of an audience of cats on and around my bed area giving me funny looks. And now I'm laughing at myself. Awesome.

I didn't mention this yet, but I changed my layout? Not much of a change, really. Same subject matter, different concept. Except, there's more of a focus on my future wife. My mother said it was more colorful than the last one, which I kind of get because the full group one was pretty monotone. Whatevs. I like it.

Also, I almost killed my bimbo. But it's all good now, so no worries.
Tags: bimbo represent, layout gear, very personal
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