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I've decided that I hate snow. Officially. I'm done with snow. I love the cold, I really do, but I can do without driving in the snow for one more freaking day. And it super sucks that I can't say FUCK NO, I'M NOT DRIVING IN THAT SHIT because everyone and their mother expects a free ride from me. Nobody even asks me anymore. Charlotte will call here like, HAY LIZ. PICK ME UP AT 3. BYE. Let me tell you people, if I had my way, no amount of pleading or money could get me out of this house today. I promise. There's like seven god damn inches on the road. Fuck that.

Also tired of being judged for liking BEAST and Mblaq. For real. Just because I don't stan anything anymore doesn't mean I'm no longer permitted to enjoy anything ever. And I'm like five seconds away from, fuck all of you, 2PM is performing my jam now so I don't need this bullshit in my life.

HA I JUST REMEMBERED THAT IT'S SATURDAY. Steve won't need a ride to work today. God damn that is awesome. And I think I'll just ignore Charlotte's calls. Maybe I'm a bitch right now, but fuck this snow. She lives like a mile and a half from work, on the other side of town from where I live. She can walk it.

PS: Outed myself on kpsm2 twice in the last two days. Apparently I'm losing my picspamming touch.
Tags: city of lame, cuntflaps, cutenakedlady, it's 6:46am
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