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I hate everyone near me

The one god damn thing that I wanted for myself for the past two fucking weeks, and of course everyone needs to ruin it. Give me a ride here, even though I know you've been looking forward to this. Give me a ride early, even though you just got back from giving someone else a ride and I already know you're pissed and you only spent two hours last night raving about how this morning was going to be god damn awesome. Give me a ride later on, even though you already told me that you're god damn pissed off over giving people rides, and even though you told me that you'll probably be busy doing something else during that time, no, it's no hassle at all except, like the other two rides you gave this morning, I'll just probably lose my job if you don't carry my responsibilities, too. HEY LIZ. I KNOW YOU'RE PISSED BECAUSE YOU JUST GAVE TWO PEOPLE RIDES, NEITHER OF WHICH WERE YOUR GOD DAMN RESPONSIBILITY, AND YOU HAVE TO GO GET THE OIL CHANGED IN A CAR THAT ISN'T YOURS TO PREPARE TO DRIVE SIX HOURS TO PICK SOMEONE UP, AND YOU HAVE TO STILL GIVE THREE MORE RIDES TO/FROM HOME TODAY, BUT LET'S TALK LIKE WE'RE FUCKING FRIENDS OR SOMETHING.

Fuck you all.

I haven't punched anyone in a long god damn time, but if the scars on my fingers are any indication that I'll have the skill forever, someone is screwed. Someone is fucking screwed.
Tags: city of lame, cuntflaps, very personal
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