Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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I just like writing letters

Someday, they will get mailed. Not today. But someday.

Dear Taecyeon,

As a resident of Massachusetts and as a giant person, I am compelled to love you. But you need to take racier pictures if you're gonna get butthurt about them being spread around. It was like looking at a slideshow of the most boring life on the planet. You know, aside from the hanging out with other members of 2PM bit. And the +Seulong picture was kind of like, oh hello. But other than that? Damn boring. Next time, take a picture of your junk or something. We'd appreciate it for the art it truly is.

~ Liz
Tags: dear you, it's 6:46am, jesus fucking christ, what?
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