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Alas, LiveJournal has redeemed itself. Everything can go back to normal now. False alarm. But still god damn scary. For the sake of my awesomeness, I've kept my ragetastic entry in full, but put it behind a cut for safe keeping. Or, you know, for the next time LJ pulls this shit.

WHAT THE EFF, LIVEJOURNAL!? This afternoon I was using the site display (or 'Site Scheme'?) that I love. Now? I'M USING THIS SHIT ONE. You said that we could use the old ones, but updates wouldn't be supported. I was fine with that. Knock this shit off and give me my god damn viewing preferences back, you heaping pile of internet bullshit. I didn't pay you people piles of solid gold to sit here and look at your failures in site design. That's why I make my own god damn layouts for my journal. If I wanted to look at the shit you people push out, I'd use your fucking defaults. But I don't. Why? BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE SUCK AT WEB DESIGN. You wouldn't know 'aesthetically pleasing' if it ran up and buttfucked you.

You know what? This one 'fuck you' icon isn't even close to cutting it right now. Here's all the userpics I currently have that express my feelings at this very moment in time.

Tags: cuntflaps, imagery, trufax
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