Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo

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The down and the low

Going to see my uncle Tom again tomorrow. He had a stroke the week before Thanksgiving and my mother's been planning another visit to that far away village for a few days now. I've played the 'I'll drive one way, you drive the other' card in hopes that I'll survive the trip long enough to be of any actual use once we get to the hospital. The good news is, I hear that he's getting better. Ish. I think. Well, I hope. I mean, Joe and Mike are cool enough, but Tom is by far my favorite uncle. By far.

Also, Christmas shopping. And a day without having to run any real errands. Really, the only way I can lose here is if I forget to medicate myself in the morning.
Tags: city of lame, my sick, shedevil
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