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Could be better

Back to the usual schedule now. I hate to say it, but I miss Tom being around. He was perfect for keeping certain people busy. Though I am feeling more and more guilty every day, because Steve hasn't really done anything to me beyond being extremely creepy. I feel so bad, especially after he tells me that he'll have to live in his car in the middle of winter if he has to leave here. I feel bad enough as it is without hearing something like that.

I think I could cohabitate with him fine if he would understand that I don't need more friends. I'm not social and I like that. I am very self-absorbed, and I don't want someone looking over my shoulder constantly. It's creepy. And the random sexual comments are creepy. And the asking to tag along every time I leave the house is creepy. I drive to clear my head, not to put myself in a position that I can't escape when you whip out the sexual comments, Steve.

I understand that he has nowhere else to go, but he's my sister's ex-boyfriend and he's living in my mother's house. It's creepy. And it makes all parties uncomfortable. I just kind of wish that he hadn't burned all of his bridges in the process of coming here, because he can't even go back to Charlotte's apartment anymore and he has about as many friends as I do, so I don't see him jumping this ship anytime soon. My mother told him to leave before the new year, but I already know that he won't make enough money before then and if I know my mother, and I do, I know she won't throw him out if there's nowhere for him to go. That's the easiest way to guarantee your stay here. Simply stop looking for somewhere else and she'll never throw you out. Works for me. Except that I'm her fucking daughter, not her daughter's ex-boyfriend. B|

Ah, I hadn't expected to rant so long. D: I just need to get it out somewhere.
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