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This place is still a small hell. At least I'm getting badass gear for Christmas?

Next order of business. A letter, started on and brought over from my twitter.

Dear Stripes,

The choreography looks like ass if you don't do it like the rest of them. One step off and you not only ruin the synchronicity, but the timing of everyone else. You're bringing the team down.

Honestly, I have no idea why Hyunseung doesn't get more attention than you do. Half the time, the two of you are right next to each other and the superiority on the part of my lady is so obvious, I could write a fucking book on it. But no. No, everyone worships you, Stripes, because you carve shit into the side of your head and you like to pretend you can dance and give yourself dancer nicknames and... you know, probably something about dick-sucking lips, too, or whatever the hell it is that people fucking see in you that I clearly do not.

Rage. I feel it.

Tags: city of lame, cutenakedlady, dear you
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