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In any other situation, watching Ivy followed by 2PM would have been great for me.

Unfortunately for MAMA, this isn't any other situation, and, while Ivy's cleavage was borderline award-winning, throwing Nichkhun into the mix and making Ivy a vampire wasn't only awkward, it was downright wrong. Nichkhun looked uncomfortable. Ivy looked crazy slutty. And when it was all thrown together, everyone walked away feeling troubled and wronged. Because they were wronged.

And then 2PM's performance? Christ. The only thing more awkward than Ivy's creepy vampire shit were the huge empty gaps during Again & Again. Boys, you are professionals. I don't care how butthurt you are about Jay not being there. Get with the program and act like performers.

For real.

PS/EDIT because I had to: G-Dragon. For real. Put on some real clothes. And the hair. Stop it. Just stop it.

MORE EDIT: Album of the year!? ALBUM OF THE YEAR!?!? Whose cock did G-Dragon suck to manage this!? How...? What?
Tags: it's 6:46am, trufax, what?, yg has me
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