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Ballad of the Shedevil

So yesterday my mother says to me that her car needs an oil change. She asks if she should leave the car here one day this week and take the van to work so I can get that done. I tell her that I would rather do it on the weekend. Conversation ends there. This morning, I wake up to her telling me that her car doesn't have enough gas in it to get to work and back; a fact that she was aware of yesterday. On any other day of any other week, she would have told me about this last night so I could go out and get gas in her car. But no. So she asks me if I think it's alright for her to take the van to work and, oh hey, maybe I could go get the oil changed in her car. :D


Not cool. Eff you and your manipulative ways. And eff you for making me feel like an idiot. I should have seen that coming.


And Thomas. Fuck you, too. Don't start a conversation with "there's nothing wrong with the external" if the damn thing doesn't function anymore. That is quite obviously "something wrong with it". And yeah, that external was a buttload of money because I got it when externals were still ridiculously high priced. I accept your offering of a less expensive one, though. Because that thing was on the fritz. Just don't fucking lie to me. D:

And now, scary fucking bimbos: EbeJules | Hikaria | VixenDeLune | Pictsie | mikkiHEHElozl | oOamethystOo | Rheannan | DawnMarieHunter
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