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Alright 2PM, let's talk

We have a lot to talk about, 2PM. A lot.

Now, I'm not supporting the boycott, mostly because I'm not really into 2PM, and even when things like this happen with groups I actually like, I don't support that kind of bullshit. Way to go supporting your favorite group by... not buying their shit? Whatever. Do whatever you want. I just think that this whole business is blown too far out of proportion to still be considered "supporting the group".

Where was I going with this. Right. This MV.

A lot of people seem to be of the same mindset, and that is that the choreography is laughable and the MV is shit. I'm going to be honest. Yeah, the video is lacking. But. And there is a but. But, as a person who almost always focuses on choreography over everything else, I can't agree with the majority on this one. Yes, it seems strange at certain parts, but I think everyone who says it's "bad" wouldn't know good choreography if it farted in their face. That is good choreography, and not only that, it's well-executed, which is something I've always appreciated about 2PM. The choreography is appropriate, original, and well-executed, and that equals good choreography in my book.

Not that it helps the song at all, because that song really is shit. There's really no saving that. I kept expecting it to get better, but it never did.

Ah, 2PM, don't worry. You didn't break my heart or anything. Just... work on the music.
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