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It cuts words out of paper

I'll admit. I'm kind of addicted to infomercials. I'll tell myself: Self. It's time to sleep. But then that Cricut Expressions infomercial comes on and I'm like... shit, I wish I was creative even a little bit beyond the limits of my exceptional wit. I would make scrap booking look cool. I'm bringing scrap booking back. Yeah.

It's too early and I'm too drugged for coherent thought, I guess.

And now. Letters.

Dear Stripes,

Four out of four performances and you got it right. Either you're improving or you know people are paying attention. As I very much enjoy making fun of you, I am not willing to say that you've improved. Because that would make me look bad. But uh... keep up the good work? OH! And knock off that trying to be sexy stuff. It just comes off as creepy when you have a face like yours.

Your friend Sup?
~ Dongswoon Liz

Dear Yoseob,

I love you. You know I do. With everything I possess. But this Doojoon stuff has to end. At first it was kind of cute. And then there was that hip-check that made me awww out loud which I'm kind of embarrassed about, but it's obvious that you're running out of ideas. There are other members of the group that you are more than welcome to produce fanservice with and perhaps that will get your creative side running again. May I suggest Gikwang? Or maybe Hyunseung? Ooooor, and I know this is a stretch but hey, a girl can dream; how about both of them at the same time? Just a few suggestions.

Love (really),
~ Dongswoon Liz

And now. To the iconmakingmobile, Batman!
Tags: cutenakedlady, dear you, pay close attention, trufax, very personal, what?
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