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Gackt = The Evil

I swear, my computer hates the man as much as I do. There I was... looking through the Gackt folder (more commonly known as the "demonspawn" folder)

and the poor machine froze. So I restarted the beast and went back into the folder to see if maybe, MAYBE it wasn't the folder.

All went well until I had all the frames for the new icon made and I went to load up my gif maker and then the program wouldn't load the frames with Gackt's face on them. Now, I was willing (again) to place the blame on chance and went to see if I had possibly in any way saved those particular frames as another type of file (which doesn't make sense anyway because the gif maker I use can handle almost every file type...) But alas, they were in fact jpgs and why they wouldn't open was beyond me.

SO I waited until this morning to try again and it still won't go. I'm convinced now that not only do I believe that Gackt is evil, but my computer does too and my computer does not lie. ON THE OTHER HAND. It wouldn't allow me to make the NICE icon (for Lady Chris because I would brave the horror of Gackt for her), the one that DOESN'T make fun of Gackt... but this one....

...please nobody use that... well, as long as I don't have to see it. Seeing that picture more than a few times a decade is draining I tell you.
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