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Goddamn it

I hate when people I hate join my fandoms. It kills a part of me.

On a related note, I hate when watermarks destroy an otherwise perfect picture. I mean, it's great- No. A letter.

Dear Watermarking Asstards,

It's super great that you take/get pictures of brand new groups and post them nanoseconds after they come into existence, but could you please, please not write your name/site/url/SSN all over their fucking faces? For some of us, it's one-two-PRESTO and the watermark is gone, but I'm thinking of the little people here. Sometimes I don't want to remove watermarks. And sometimes I don't even want to make icons at all and would rather have someone else do it, but I know nobody will because YOUR NAME IS ALL OVER THE DAMN PICTURE.


I have to leave in like twenty minutes to pick up Tom. Awesome.
Tags: cuntflaps, cutenakedlady, dear you
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