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PSA, y'all

I am extremely attracted to everything BEAST does. In the most unhealthy ways imaginable. Like, I'm trying my hardest to level it out with other things but I can't even stay focused on video games anymore.

And I've had this song stuck in my head for days. I mean, I'll be watching something else, even music videos, and it doesn't go away. And I'm left sitting here like, this would be one bad-ass remix. IYAH/BAD GIRL REMIX, Y'ALL.

And Stripes was in my nap!dream. I wish I could remember his name. But seriously, dream part of my brain, knock that shit off pronto. The last thing I need is nightmares of that creepiness.


Oh, boybands. You so addicting.

Also, PS: Pairings already? What is up with that?
Tags: cutenakedlady, dreamland, pay close attention, what?
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