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WTF, neighborhood?

A chatlog in which I say everything I want to about this situation.

Degac Creep: people suck
zzangbanghulweh: why?
Degac Creep: I live in a nice neighborhood
Degac Creep: so we don't lock our car doors when they're in the driveway
Degac Creep: so my mother went to leave this morning to go to work at her new job, and she's not familiar with the area enough to just drive there
Degac Creep: but some asshole stole her GPS out of her car
zzangbanghulweh: .. -_-
zzangbanghulweh: wtf
Degac Creep: RIGHT?
Degac Creep: they stole her iPod cord, too, but that takes a back seat to the mother fucking GPS
Degac Creep: my father stood in line to buy that for like two hours when it was on sale
Degac Creep: it was a freaking christmas gift D:
zzangbanghulweh: people suck
zzangbanghulweh: and the people who stole that gps
zzangbanghulweh: will go to hell :|
Degac Creep: I hope so
Degac Creep: my mother puts up with a lot and she's crazy but she doesn't deserve to be stolen from
zzangbanghulweh: no one does
Degac Creep: my only comfort in this is that we were JUST ABOUT to upgrade it because it's something like three years old and a lot of the newer roads aren't on it
Degac Creep: so whoever stole that is a little fucked

Also. I've found the best hate meme moment for the last few months or so:

Because mimes really are pretty freaky.
Tags: city of lame, cuntflaps, imagery, shedevil, the logs of chat, trufax, what?
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