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Another of these

Just because.

Degac Creep:
Degac Creep: this
Degac Creep: is the scariest shit I have ever seen
Degac Creep: this is scarier than sticking out bones
poetanarchy: U_U
poetanarchy: :(
Degac Creep: look
Degac Creep: at his
Degac Creep: HEAD
poetanarchy: lmao
poetanarchy: >>;
poetanarchy: /distracted by Jasper
Degac Creep: ...
Degac Creep: idon'tknowwhatthatis
poetanarchy: the guy on the right
poetanarchy: above Alice
Degac Creep: alright also don't know alice
Degac Creep: but I think I'll guess
poetanarchy: dark haired chick
Degac Creep: uh
Degac Creep: are we looking at the same dude?
poetanarchy: :/
Degac Creep: he looks kind of like he suspects something
Degac Creep: he suspects that head is not normal
Degac Creep: alright I like this guy
Degac Creep: he can come to my party

In other news, 358/2 Days is rocking my world.
So is Masamune's third costume in WO2. Thank you, video game gods, for giving me images of him without his helmet on.
Tags: club koei, seasalt icecream, the logs of chat, trufax, twilame, v. games

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