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Because someone is a nag.

I keep having dreams about Wentworth Miller being a dreamboat. He's always working with charities or saving someone or just being generally sweet and dreamy. Not sure what inspired this, but I'm not really complaining. Just thought it was strange that it's happened more than once.

Bummer side of it is that I always have leg braces in these dreams. Now that is probably caused by the fact that my legs are getting worse lately. Perhaps I really should go see Dr. Robotnik.

On a fandom related note, I very much enjoy the Korean version of Super Girl but I'm still on the fence as to which version I like more. And I'm taking into account not only how it sounds, but the differences in the MVs, too. (Though I really wish I had a copy of the original that's even close to the Korean one in terms of quality so I can wank properly better compare). I'll just say I like them both and roll with it. Then again, they can take a crap, slap Henry's picture on it and I'm good to go, so I guess my opinion doesn't really wash here.

I just, you know, really like Henry.
Tags: dreamland, my sick, ok we can!, trufax

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