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Some letters

... of a surprisingly hostile nature.

Softer one first.

Dear 2PM Fans on My Flist,

Seriously? It's done. It sucks, yes. But it's done. The dude left.

I don't have a problem with the posts about how sad you are. I don't share your feelings, but if I attempted to dictate to you what you can or cannot post about, I would be a flaming hypocrite. You're sad. Upset. Disappointed. I understand. Keep doing your thing.

But the community posts about sending him things, letters, support, banners... all pleading him to come back? That has to end. He left the country because he was being pestered and harassed. The last thing he wants is for the harassment to continue here. You're no better than the ones who drove him out if you continue along this road.

Just saying. Calm down.


And some intensity. B|

Dear Roleplayers,

If you claim that your muse wants something, you want something. Your "muse" is not a separate entity, it is an extension of you. Unless you are a diagnosed schizophrenic or you have a personality disorder, there is only one of you in there.

In roleplaying, you're doing exactly that. You are placing yourself into the role of another person/creature/being/whatever. You are not "becoming a different person". You are an actor, but in the form of text instead of real life.

The character's personality can call for certain events, sure, but they're not talking to you in your head. If you're working with a character that has nothing to do with murder, and you suddenly feel like they should murder, then that is not them talking to you. You and your interests are influencing them to want that, not the other way around.

There's nothing wrong with wanting some kinky shit. I kink it up with the best of them. But if you're so insecure that you have to blame it on a character in your head, then maybe you're in the wrong place. Maybe you shouldn't be roleplaying. I've been roleplaying a long fucking time, okay? And you want to know something? I don't blame my kinky shit on a character.

Own up to your interests, or I can't RP with you. Simple as that.

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