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Last night

Last night, in my dream, I was... Patrick Dempsey. Patrick. Fucking. Dempsey. Except that my name was Todd. And I was a doctor but I was kind of washed up and nobody wanted to go to me because I looked kind of like a crack whore. And I couldn't swim. And I was covered in a buttload of scripture tattoos. So I guess I looked like Patrick Dempsey. Everyone in my family still treated me like I was part of the fam, but I didn't look anything like them and my name was Todd and I was Patrick fucking Dempsey.

It was very strange.

Especially when Stephanie, Thomas and myself (Todd/Patrick-fucking-Dempsey) went to this sort of... touring summer camp, and we went to a theme water park like Water Country or something, and because we were famous for taking pictures of our shit and we were with other famous touring weirdos, there were helicopter video cameras around all the time, and I was trying to swim and the reporters in the helicopters were yelling out, "GO TODD GO! YOU CAN DO IT!".


Very strange.
Tags: dreamland, what?
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