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So something weird happened to me today.

Before I start, please note that I live on a back road of one of the saddest, most boring cities in all of Massachusetts. Rich folk tend to live out here. Nice people, really. So that's the setting.

I was walking to the mailbox earlier today; fully clothed with my hair up and everything. As I approached the mailbox, I heard a car coming up on my left, and as I opened it, an individual leaned out of the car's back seat window and yelled: "Ugly bitch".

Now. Ugly is subjective, certainly. It's subjective and informal and a person doesn't need to know me, my name, or even my gender to find the sight of me to be unappealing. But bitch implies that they know me, in a sense that they've either interacted with me in some way, or have witnessed me interacting with someone else to the extent that they could consider me a bitch. It's a personality trait and something that you can only pick up from an experience with a person, or from hearsay.

So, while I acknowledge that I am "sub-par" or "below average" when it comes to my appearance (though I personally wouldn't call myself ugly), I'll give them ugly because, like I said, it's subjective. But from the brief glance I got of this dickhead, I don't know him and have never met him, and I would argue that I am not a bitch.

In conclusion, fuck you, random rude individual with nothing better to do than call complete strangers ugly bitches. Fuck you and the sheep you rode in on.
Tags: cuntflaps, trufax, very personal
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