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Having some issues with my health insurance still. I hope everything smooths over in the end. I would like to go to the doctor about my swollen throat sometime in the foreseeable future. At least I received the form I'm supposed to fill out.

I'm taking a break from The Last Remnant to attempt that last achievement in Warriors Orochi 2 again. Technically, I'm three short, but picking up the other two will happen while trying for the last one. I'm missing three Dream Mode stages (including the one you have to level team Huang Zhong/Xaihou Yuan/Ina to 99 to get, cause, who picked that fucking team?), and I'm through Wu, Shu and Orochi on chaos, so I'm getting relatively close. I now believe it really is possible.

On an end note, my mother stayed home tonight so I won't be on. B|
Tags: club koei, shedevil, v. games, very personal
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