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Sup, ladies?

While cleaning the kitchen today, I found a treasure trove of Gamecube and Wii games in the island. I've never seen them before, though I'm familiar with some of the titles. Only familiar enough to know we don't own them, however. I was pretty certain we didn't own much for the Wii beyond No More Heroes, Guitar Hero and Twilight Princess. Then again, I'll always be a Playstation girl, so I generally ignore the poor console. Perhaps I will partake in the playing of these recently discovered titles, or, as I so affectionately refer to them, the Island Treasures. You know, after I finish The Last Remnant, Viking and Warriors Orochi 2 (and 1).

Pff. Yeah. Like there's enough time in this lifetime.

While we're talking about impossible and stubborn video game feats, let's just pretend that I'll someday get around to finishing Final Fantasy XII. Maybe before XIII comes out. Ha. Oh man, that laugh was good.

On that same note, this is just... unfair. There are not enough icon slots in this world to satisfy my love for this man.
Tags: club koei, gunblades don't fire, trufax, v. games
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