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Watching Thomas try to play The Last Remnant is one of the most painful things I've ever been put through. The Last Remnant, for those who aren't aware, is a video game that requires you to have a brain. Let me repeat that. The Last Remnant is a video game that requires you to have a brain.

75% of the game is centered around the battle system, which is the most needlessly complicated strategic piece of bagofdicks I have ever encountered. If you have no sense of strategy, you're going to fail miserably. If you can't manage to put units into unions that pump up the HP as well as make them capable of vicious warfare, you're fucked. Because each unit has to be able to stand on it's own in a fight. And if you're like my brother Thomas and you insist on creating unions based on how much you're in love with the Qsiti race, Pagus (a Qsiti mystic arts-type character), and "healing" abilities, that team isn't going to survive one fucking round to be able to bring back/heal the other unions. And I've learned from experience that if a union can't heal itself and attack on the same round, you're going to get a lot of game overs relatively early into the game.

Here's a few pointers, dear idiot brother of mine. Rush, David and Emma all have nasty combat arts in addition to their mystic arts (which you can't seem to get enough of, even if the wait time causes your teams to take needless damage while you sit there with your thumb up your ass), PLUS Rush's Omnistrike and David's Ex-machina and Gae Bolg pretty much destroy everything. But no. You won't use Emma or David. Why? I HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA. Is it because I use them so much (past tense on one of them)? Or is it because you really are too stupid to realize when a video game is actually challenging your brain that you think you can just roll with your usual routine and hope it turns out okay? It would be wise of you to use any (if not all) of them as the base for your unions, especially this early on when you are very limited by how many people you can take into a fight.

Here's another hint. Use any Sovani you can get your hands on until your fingers bleed from pressing the buttons on the controller too much. Torgal and Caedmon pretty much own every other union leader you'll get to use that early in the game, aside from Rush and David, of course.

Get with the program. Seriously.

And don't tell people you're better than me at that game. It's so not true that I could cry myself to sleep over it.
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