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Kerry and Gwen decided last night that it was okay to tell us that my father is in the hospital because he's detoxing again. Which is what we expected, but it doesn't lessen the damage of knowing my own sisters don't trust me to know something like that.

Leaving in about an hour to start the three hour trip to Vermont to pick up Steph. After talking to Charlotte, we all decided to meet at her apartment today at 3. I'm kind of nervous, seeing as the last time I met Gwen was before I was old enough to remember. So I'm nervous. D:

Kerry and Gwen are bringing clothes to my father in the hospital this morning so they'll be able to let us know how he is when we see them. You know, provided they deem us fucking worthy of knowing that information.

Also, these AkuRoku icons are effing adorable. But I have no room for new icons. D:

Okay. Now to shower.
Tags: cuntflaps, trufax, very personal
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