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The plan

Tomorrow I'm picking up Stephanie. Three hours to her apartment, then three hours back. Woo. Then the family gathering in the evening. I think my mother has decided to go. My father sounded really sick on the phone last night, though. And that sucks. On Thursday, I'm dropping my mother off at a friend's workplace, then taking Stephanie back to Vermont. Another six hours of travel. Fuck, yeah. Excited. Sarcasm. But then my mother will be gone for the weekend and that pumps my naaaads~.

I anticipate staying up late, playing video games nonstop, eating pizza and possibly annoying friends with my presence~.

Too bad there's not a whole lot to do in this town. D:
Maybe that's why I play so many video games.

Let me just, yet again, address this Mozilla bullshit. Any icons that I'd been using that were dark at all are now nearly ruined for me. I'm debating cleaning out my userpics again because of this. What is the effing point of darkening everything, Mozilla? Thanks for sucking.
Tags: city of lame, cuntflaps, v. games
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