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My birthday is tomorrow.

My mother told me I could go out last night and find a video game that I wanted. Eventually, I settled on The Last Remnant because it was the first game I'd wanted when I got my Xbox360 but never got around to purchasing. It made sense, seeing as the only other game that I've had my eye on was Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 and that game costs a small fortune. Well, no, there were other games that I wanted, but we couldn't find them anywhere. I would have loved Samurai Warriors 2: Extreme Legends or either of those two Digimon games that i_eat_bamboo and myself look at almost every time we go to Gamestop, but of course they don't have them the one time I actually plan to buy them.

My mother's plan for tomorrow is that we're going to Kay's. This means I'm going to Kay's twice in the same week, as my father's little family gathering also takes place at Kay's. Which leads me to another piece of funtimes. Steph is coming down for Wednesday/Thursday so that she can attend this fine, fine family gathering. My father invited all of his previous and current wives, too. I'm really hoping none of them show up, as my father also said that they'd be sitting at the same table as each other and I know my mother too well to hope that she'd behave herself.

And we're going to Rietta Ranch on Sunday. Exciting~~.

Hopefully this year won't turn out like last year, which started as a trip to The Velvet Goose to buy me a birthday Webkinz and ended with my mother jumping out of the moving vehicle when I told her I wasn't stopping to let her out because she was throwing a fit like a fucking child.
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