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Update on lifethings

I hate when a site breaks down halfway through a fic. I hate it even more when it happens as I'm moving on to the last chapter out of, say, twenty-six or so. D:

My mother stayed home again today. Says she didn't sleep very much last night. I think the reason she isn't sleeping is because her job is screwing her over completely. I hope she can get a new, better job soon because when she's upset she's irritable and I like to joke around a lot. I don't appreciate getting yelled at when I haven't done anything.

Have to take Tom to see the Job Corps guy today. If things run like they did back when I went, his application and paperwork will go through and he'll be out of here by the start of the next school year. And I'm into that. I don't want to have to park in downtown Fitchburg, though. I suspect Tom will be doing some serious walking.

And to wrap things up, scary bimbos:
Weirdio | KendraN | Pres | ashiieCRUNK | Aysha4 | brainee | anchoredwunderlust | angie9753124680 | Haidiye
Tags: bimbo represent, cuntflaps, ilu saucekay, shedevil
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