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WTF, Danzo

Do you think it's okay to tell little lies about small things to avoid hurting someone's feelings? Or is there no such thing as a harmless lie?

If I didn't believe that this was totally acceptable, and told my mother exactly what I was thinking all of the time, I think she would have murdered me by now. No joke. I would be dead and in the ground. Four years ago. D:

Okay, let's discuss this new Naruto bullshit. Danzo has Sharingan. This, to me, is on the same level of bullshit as Konohamaru whipping out Rasengan. I call bullshit on that entire manga. Unless Danzo is actually Madara, this is just unacceptable. As with Konohamaru and Rasengan, I've already decided it's not really true and we all just imagined it. All I'm saying, really, is that if you're going to keep pulling Uchihas out of your ass, stop calling Sasuke the last one. Clearly, he is not. Even if Danzo isn't and he got his by... shady means... like Kakashi (which I'm convinced of, actually. I mean, why else would he keep it covered all of the time?), there's still Madara. Thus, two Uchihas. At least. Two is more than one. Trufax.

PS: Thank you, Sai, for spending this entire chapter acting like a worried wife. I love you. Now, talk about cocks excessively like you used to and I'll forgive you for everything you've ever done.

Also, scary bimbos: SunGirls | katjak1 | netalieee
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