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Well. A morning.

As it turns out, I didn't quite think through the consequences of changing the key words on all of my userpics, as I only just last night found that all of my posts for the last... well, forever, are now using my default icon. Not too bad, I suppose, but I wish I had thought ahead enough to think about what I was doing. Petty and lame thing to be upset about, I totally know, but sometimes it's the littlest things that bother us the most. And by us I mean humanity, not that I am crazy. Or Gollum.


I have no inspiration to make icons. Except that I have this sudden and insatiable urge to make a lot of Sai icons. I don't even like Sai that much. But, come on, making manga icons of him has to be like the easiest feat in the world. The guy is like two colors.

I've spent my morning hunting down a fic that I had almost no clues about besides the pairing and general plot. I didn't want to post in the pairing community asking for it, though, even if it's one of the best fics for the fandom and the fandom is generally small and I knew they'd be able to find it. Mostly a pride thing. I just wanted to find it myself. And I did. Winner right here.

And I finally have one of three of the moodthemes I've been wanting to use uploaded and coded and done. It's taking forever mostly because the Beatles one is animated and it's killing my photobucket account. Why do people make such amazing animated moodthemes? D:

And I seriously wish I could get some help on suju_icontest. For real.
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