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The guy who does Nobunaga's voice in Samurai Warriors 2 should get some kind of award or something. His voice is a tiny light of hope in the Warriors games, which I pretty much refer to whenever I am making fun of bullshit voice acting. I love these games, but let's be realistic. Some of these guys aren't worth the money they're being paid. But this guy? Holy shit. He should get all the paychecks of all the other voice actors, too, just for being so awesome. D:

The cut scenes in SW2 in general make me want to hump the screen. They're just so well made. From the very first one I watched (above), I was hooked like I am to diet coke. And I was thinking, sure, it might be a fluke, but it totally effing wasn't because the last two of Magoichi's made me cry like a total woman. Like real tears. Coming out of my eyes.

On the idea of awards, Hideyoshi should get the award for Best BFF Ever in the Entire World; Ranmaru totally gets the Yes, I Really Am Ripping Off Mulan award; the I'm a Hero, No Wait a Complete Pussy, No Really a Hero award goes to, of course, Nagamasa; No gets the I'm a Whore Even Though I'm Totally Married to the Hottest Guy in this Game award; and, just because I'm in charge here, my man Magoichi gets the Winner of Life Forever award.

EDIT/PS/ALSO: If I may, one further note on Nobunaga: If it looks like a lightsaber and sounds like a lightsaber, it's a fucking lightsaber. Don't call it a sword and try to play that shit off like it totally belongs there, because I'm on to you, Rubbersuit Vampire Jedi Knight. I'm on to you.
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