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The 4th

I haven't done anything for the 4th in like four years, ever since the time Ian and myself fell asleep on my aunt Dianne's couch and she got all bitchy about it. I was like, look woman, I was up half the night straightening my hair and you're cuntbag daughter dumped a bottle of water on my head and ruined it, so I feel I deserve a bit of a nap. Besides, I was hanging out with all the fucking kids while you were busy socializing. Plus, I was only asleep for like fifteen fucking minutes before you started bitching to my father about it. So eff you. Eff you right in the A.

But my uncle Joe asked us back this year finally. Which is pretty cool. Except my father has always driven us out there and this year I have to drive. And I have to bring food. But not easy food. No, that would be unthinkable. My father wants me to bring my mother's lame-ass cold bean salad, but I think I'll make it without ketchup, because Liz and ketchup don't mix. And maybe I'll use yellow peppers instead of green because they are prettier~. I won't eat it, anyway, but my dad's family will. Or, at least I'm pretty sure they will. D:

My dad also wants me to pick up soda. Which I am all gravy about because Liz does like the soda~

Note to self: You picked up two new mood themes. Get them set up already, woman. D:
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