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A lot of conflicting emotions this evening. The loss of Michael Jackson has shaken me up a bit. Well, as much as I can be, I suppose. Three people called me at about the same time to let me know, though I hardly recall telling anyone in my life how much of an impression the man had on me and my childhood. The only ones who would know are my younger siblings because we were all the same about it. We'd watch Moonwalker two to three times a day and we had a VHS my mother or father or older brother put together for us that had a compilation of his music videos up until that point, and we went to sleep listening to various cassettes, depending on how we felt that day.

I don't think I believed it when I heard he was dead and I wanted proof and now I'm not exactly sure how to react to any of it. I feel sad, but calm. After Farrah Fawcett and Ed McMahon, it's just so much loss around us lately. Some really good people are gone.
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