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More Meev Icons

Yeah, I went a little icon crazy this morning... hope nobody minds. I made like, six I think. Three gif and three png. Again, you can use em if you want to... they're just the products of me trying to keep busy.

More icons and explinations under the cut.

A strange size... I've never made a gif that wasn't 100x100 or 50x50 before... but I kinda had to to avoid the extra stuff on the screens.

Made for the anti-Gacktards in the audience. I was just looking at Miyavi and thinking "How can anyone choose Gackt over him? I mean... COME ON NOW PEOPLE!"

The last of them all that I made. I was just messing around with it and it came out decent, so here it is.

These three pictures all kinda jumped out at me and I couldn't resist. These were in serious color before but most of the screens I had were blue tinted so I was like "What the fuck, lets go blue" and here they stand.

OH, almost forgot this little guy:

Made this two days ago, I think, but forgot about it.

That's another thing. I don't understand why my body needs to keep busy. Yseterday I completely tranferred the Despair forums because I was restless... and now the icons. I mean... really now...
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