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This "all difficulties cleared" achievement on Warriors Orochi 2 is just not going to happen for me, is it? My habit to beat the shit out of games is seriously going to kill me this time. I mean, I still haven't beat Final Fantasy XII because of my stubbornness with the Sky Pirates Den.

But this achievement? Horseballs. That's 40 story mode stages on all four difficulties. Plus the 28 dream mode stages (again, all four difficulties). For the mathematically challenged, that's 272 scenarios total, and that doesn't include retries on some of the chaos levels. Which will happen. Even Musashi gets fucked in the ass every once in a while in chaos levels. I mean, it'll be relatively easy breezy to clear all the chaos levels in free mode (except maybe the last few in each) because Sakon/Wukong/Musashi team at level 99 seems to be getting those done relatively quickly, but it's the chaos difficulty in dream mode that I'm really worried about because you're limited by the character choices. Just last night I somehow managed to clear the Ma Chao/Nagamasa Azai/Kanetsugu Naoe level on hard. Hard. Barely. And they're all level 60+ with level 4 weapons. Sun Wukong is like the bane of my existence. Any level that he's in I immediately write off as unbeatable on chaos. Even Lu Bu is beatable on chaos.

AND THIS DOESN'T EVEN INCLUDE THE FACT THAT I HAVEN'T EVEN UNLOCKED ALL OF THE DREAM MODE STAGES. I mean, like half of the ones left include some bullshit requirements to do with total Proficiency or Level totals in the two and three thousands. IT'S LIKE THE GAME DESIGNERS FORGOT HOW DIFFICULT IT CAN BE TO GET THAT MANY PROFICIENCY POINTS. So, in addition to the 272 absolutely required stages, and the retries on the chaos modes that will occur, there will be even more random easy/normal difficulty runs just to pump up my Proficiency and Level totals to unlock some of the effing dream mode stages.

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