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I think, for the first time, SYTYCD finally has a season that I can compare to the second one without feeling like I'm betraying all my favorite dancers. And I figured out why. In season two, there were no dancers I hated and I loved watching almost all of them. They were just so good. And for the first time, I don't even want to compare all the dancers to the ones in the second season.

Don't get me wrong, nobody has yet to grab me like Travis did, but there are some really good dancers in this group. All of the guys are amazing, and I don't hate any of the girls. There are even a few that I like, which is rare for me because I am so critical with female dancers. Asuka is amazing, though. A lot of people told me last year that I sucked for hating Katee because she was asian or some bullshit, but I totally hated her because of that fucked up comment she made about quitting if she didn't make it. And because she wasn't nearly as talented as they tried to make her seem. Plus, Asuka is asian and I love her, and she was SO GOOD last night.

Anyway, I'm pumped for this season in general.
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