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A few small updates

My mother is losing her position at work because they keep adding more to it and the poor woman can't keep up. But this woman has 12+ years of nursing experience, and she's worked on the administrative staff of this facility for two or so years now. She can get pretty much any nursing job she wants anywhere. The last few places she's worked for, she all but set her own days, hours, and pay. I mean, they're throwing themselves at her feet everywhere but this facility. I say she bounces.

Comcast folks are stopping by today to check our wires or something? I don't know. Everything seems fine to me.

Lou Diamond Phillips on I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here pretty much makes my day, week, month and year. I mean, how can a man age so well? Every time he takes his shirt of I'm just like... WOO LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS YOU ARE HOT. And he is. Watching this made me need to crack out my collector's edition of Young Guns, because he was a serious babe in that movie. So was Charlie Sheen. And, okay, Kiefer, too.
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